Total Supply : 100M ZOOK tokens
Contract Address : 0x26f9111a358385dc46a832cf1a1a021ee72e58a1 Distribution:
  • 48% : Treasury (Community allocation) Locked for 3 years on a linearly vesting schedule.
  • 20% : Research and platform development
  • 15% : Tier 1/2 CEX Listings, Collaborations & Rewards
  • 9% : Team & Advisors - Locked for 5 years on a linearly vesting schedule
  • 5% : Marketing, Social Media Campaigns etc
  • 2% : Incentives Pool LP Providers
  • 1% : Community Airdrops

Brief description:
48M tokens are for treasury allocation later to be used in ZOOKDAO.
20M tokens allocated for platform development and further research into new mechanisms of DeFi Industry.
15M tokens are reserved for various listings, collaborations & rewards.
9M tokens are set aside for team and advisors locked and linearly vested over the period of 5 years.
5M tokens to be kept in zooked.eth for marketing ventures.
2M tokens are used to incentivise early LP Providers.
1M tokens allocated for community airdrops.